I. Presale of Goods Issues

     A. Laws Affecting Vendors Extending Credit
          1. Equal Credit Opportunity Act
          2. Fair Credit Reporting Act
          3. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
          4. Escheatment
          5. Customer's Privacy Rights
          6. Patriot Act
          7. Post September 11th Events

     B. Pre-Sale Investigation and Documenting the Credit Sale
          1. Business Organizations
          2. Credit Enhancements
               a. Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code
               b. Consignments
               c. Guarantees
               d. Letters of Creditor
               e. Force Majuere
               f. Credit Cards

     C. Payment By Customers
          1. Check 21

II. Post Sale Issues: The Customer Has Not Paid

     A. Creditors Rights
          1. Vendors Dealing Individually with Problem Customer
               a. Bad Checks
               b. Mechanics Liens
               c. Accord & Satisfaction
               d. Restitutional Remedies
          2. Vendors Dealing Collectively with Problem Customer
               a. Bulk Sales
               b. Bust-Outs

     B. Into Bankruptcy
          1. Vendors Dealing Individually with Bankrupt Customer
               a. Critical Vendor
               b. Reclamation
               c. Stopping Goods in Transit
               d. Preference Laws
               e. Proofs of Claim
               f. Automatic Stay
               g. Postpetition Sales
               h. Set-Off Rights/Recoupment
               i. Nondischargeable Claims
               j. PACA Claims
               k. Mass Tort Claims
               l. Letters of Credit
               m. Top Ten Bankruptcy Topics
               n. DIP Financing
          2. Vendors Dealing Collectively with Bankrupt Customer
               a. Involuntary Petition
               b. Creditors Committees
               c. Avoidance Powers
               d. Marshalling
          3. General Bankruptcy Issues
               a. Legislation
               b. Chapter 11
               c. Chapter 7

III. E-Commerce and the Vendor

     A. Electronic, or Digital, Signatures
     B. E-Mail
     C. E-Contracts
     D. Overview of E-Commerce Issues Affecting the Vendor
     E. Dot Com and Insolvency