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Articles from the Wall Street Journal:  •VW to Pay Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle Diesel-Emissions Claims  •Altice's Big U.S. Cable Ambitions Begin With Austerity  •Nike Reports Sluggish North American Sales  •Insurer Adds Terrorism to Bands' Coverage  •NASA Watchdog Criticizes Probe Into Failed SpaceX Rocket Launch  •Central Bankers Face Conflicting Pressures From Brexit Vote  •U.S. Gross-Domestic-Product Growth in First Quarter Is Revised Up  •U.S. Home Prices Continued Strong Growth in April  •U.S. Consumer Confidence Improves in June  •So Busy at Work, No Time to Do the Job  •Music Industry Out of Harmony With YouTube  •Honeywell CEO Cote to Step Down in March  •Brexit: Deflationary Now, Inflationary Later  •Fed Announces 2017 FOMC Meeting Schedule  •Dining Out Falls Victim to Economy  •Online Shopping Forces Retailers to Rethink Inventory Strategy  •IKEA to Recall 29 Million Dressers, Chests in U.S.  •Hollywood's Latest Stars Hail From China  •What Brexit Means for Tech Startups