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Articles from the Wall Street Journal:  •Comcast Goes Public on Plan for Fox Bid to Challenge Disney  •Target Sales Get Lift From Remodels but Spending Squeezes Margins  •Uber Bows to Pressure, Offers Some Health Benefits to European Drivers  •Apple Avoids Amazon's Beauty Contest, Searches Secretly for New Campus  •Meet the Startup Building a Market From Scratch to Become Africa's Alibaba  •In Booming Japan, the Phillips Curve Is Dead  •New Home Sales Post Weak Spring Start  •Fed Minutes to Offer Clues on Where Rates Are Headed  •Eurozone Business Activity Continues to Slow for Fourth Straight Month  •Samsung Wants Every Appliance to Talk by 2020  •Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says  •SoftBank Agrees to Sell Flipkart Stake to Walmart  •Fed Survey: Americans See Brighter Economic Prospects, but Fragility Remains  •Nafta Talks Stalled on U.S. Auto Demands  •In Trade War With U.S., China Gets the Upper Hand  •Congress Pushes Back on White House Approach to Chinese Tech Deals  •Facebook CEO Dodges Tough Questions by EU Lawmakers  •U.S. Profit Boom Leaves Europe Inc. Playing Catch-Up